TMO Landscape Studio

is a studio for 3D modeling and rendering your landscape design.

Who is TMO Landscape Studio?

You obviously want to know who you are going to do business with before you take the first step. Writing about myself, contrary to 3D modelling, is not a strong point of mine. To make it as easy as possible for both of us, I have made a short summary for you!
I have:

  • A BSc in Landscape Architecture from VHL University of Applied Sciences;
  • About 5 years of international work experience;
  • A passion for 3D visualization;
  • Fluency in almost three languages; Dutch (native), English (fluent), Spanish (beginner).

In addition to the personal information, I would also like to give you some practical information:

  • The studio is located in the Cantabria region of (Northern) Spain;
  • All work is performed remotely and on a project basis;
  • The time zone here is UTC +1;

Would you like to know more about me or how I can be of service to you? Let’s have a (digital) cup of coffee!

Vision & Mission

Well-designed outdoor spaces are essential for the quality of life in every urban area. Nowadays, the value of this is increasingly recognized, which means that our field is also developing. At the same time, the digital world around us also develops rapidly and it is crucial for landscape architecture and urban planning to keep up with this technological development. In the future we will use virtual tools that will be a major step for the integrality and feasibility of complex landscape projects.

That is why TMO Landscape Studio chooses to support you and your team in taking this challenging step. I see it as my mission to offer my passion and experience with 3D models and rendering in order to lift the field to a higher level together with landscape architects and urban planners.

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